Thursday, May 11, 2017

I'm Gay & I Don't Like Anal Sex | Calum McSwiggan

I posted a video of this guy before but here he is doing another update.


richardsonbilly said...

stupid can u be gay and not like anal sex/ well some of us just don't like pain ok?!

Anonymous said...

To be fair, guys who are mainly attracted to women, sometimes to men, don't like anal with those guys (and are usually open to being sucked but not sucking) see themselves as MOSTLY straight.

"Mostly straights" are more into circle jerks and frot with guys in my experience, i.e. sides.

John and Ron said...

Loved you video.
My partner and I have been together for 43 years and our whole relationship has been one of no penetrative sex.
We are both very passionate lovers who enjoy frottage and our orgasms are "awesome" and we always cum together.
Yes, we have both tried anal sex, but we both did not enjoy this type of sex.
Yes, we are both very oral along with the frottage sex.
There are many more men out there who won't admit that they don't like anal sex, for fear that they will be labeled.
Too bad, because sex is much more than penetrating someone. It's more about a connection and respecting each other's feelings.
We are so much in love with each other.
Thank you again for this very educational and informative video.
John and Ron from Monroe, MI.

Grinder said...

Great comments guys.

I completely agree.

This actually got me to thinking that maybe I should have a type of posts featuring dissenting voices from more gay men. It is my knowledge from research the gay men before the 1970s generally looked down on anal sex. They used to refer to the men who did it as brownie queens or shit queens. But due to the growing overwhelming presence of porn parroting heterosexual norms and the top bottom culture of transactional sex it took hold of the culture something serious.

As to John and Ron.
I am not surprised. You guys love each other and honestly fucking someone in the ass is not at the top of the hierarchy of a particularly "loving" act LOL.