Sunday, January 01, 2012

Circle Jerk (3+)

More Examples:


1. Circle Jerk from tumblr (Video) source #2   - 2/16/13

Images and GIFs

1. party line jacking (GIF)  - 12/18/12
2. Triple Jack (GIF) -  01/12/13
3. Too much going on (GIF) source #2, source #3  - 2/16/13
4. What to do with these (pic) source #2   - 2/16/13
5. Fleshlight Factory Heist (GIF)  source #2,  - 2/16/13

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Brain's Scene 1 powered by XTube


Anonymous said...

Submitted for your approval, the famous circle jerk from Brian's Boys.

(The first few minutes of plot are deleted, but it's the only complete copy of circle jerk scene from the movie I've seen.)

I used to do the same thing as a teenager in between fixing out cars. (And later, if we were in the middle of nowhere in a road trip.) We were uncut, though.

Grinder said...

Great Video! thanks for pointing me to it. I added it above.